Building and Construction Engineering Department

The Department of Building and Construction Engineering was recently founded in the academic year 2013/2014 at Dijlah University College, in Baghdad.

The department awards the Bachelor degree after four years of study in building and construction engineering, construction engineering branch. The degree is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, where the department was established according to the ministerial decree no. GH1979 dated on 1/6/2014. The department accepts secondary school graduates of both scientific and literature branches, as well as graduates of technical institutions.

The department includes classrooms, scientific laboratories, engineering drawing hall, and mechanical workshops, all equipped with modern instruments including data projectors, lab samples, and various lab tools that assist in implementing the academic plan and training the students to be qualified engineers coping with the needs and future trends of the job market. Not to mention the continuous efforts in developing the department’s capabilities in cooperation with the Deanship. The department actively participates in the different scientific, cultural, and sport activities of the college.

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Building and Construction Engineering Department

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To be distinguished in the precise engineering field of building and construction, and to be able to fulfill the changing requirements of the community while coping with the rapid development in technology.
Preparation of applied engineers in design and construction, in the sector of building and construction, who are characterized by a high level of knowledge and technological innovation, and in line with internationally approved standards in quality assurance; as well as the adoption of academic syllabus from the Department of Building and Construction at the University of Technology, and the commitment to professional engineering ethics.
(1) Provision of efficient and qualified engineering staff in precise specializations, in the field of building and construction engineering, in order to meet the needs of the country in accordance with the requirements of achieving scientific, economic and social growth; as well as securing a proper teaching staff for universities and technical institutions. (2) Continuous development for the academic syllabus and study plans for all the study levels, in order to cope with the latest developments in building and construction engineering. (3) Keeping up with the rapid changes in the field of information technology, data analysis, mathematical and analytical methods, and modern experimentation means. (4) Focus on scientific research and its role in serving and solving the problems in the society through applied research. (5) Openness towards relevant public sector institutions, aiming to provide scientific and engineering counseling, and to prepare various training courses in the development and capability building for its engineering staff. (6) Active and continuous efforts to enhance and improve the performance in the engineering, scientific and administrative fields, in order to allow thorough quality assurance and speeding up academic accreditation. (7) Encouraging scientific and cultural collaboration with Arabic and international universities and scientific institutions, and promoting the exchange of expertise to ensure the development of scientific research and improve the educational process.

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