Department of Computer Science

The Department aims to prepare secondary school graduates of the scientific and branch through by providing them with a curriculum including the basics in computer applications, system analysis and databases design, communication systems, and computer networks. The department seeks to qualify its students to successfully operate in the field of computing and information technology as well as in maintaining computer and data security aspects.

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Information Technology Department

Department of Computer Science

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The department of computer sciences was established in pursuant to decree of ministry of higher education and scientific research No. (3322) in 27/10/2004. It attracts the graduates of secondary schools (scientific branch) .
The basic aim of the department is to produce highly qualified, scientifically and applicably, graduates through studying: basic computer technology and design, systems analysis, database designing, communications systems and computer networks. Therefore, they will be capable to administrate the computer acts, information technology and maintain the computer security, data and the means of their circulation.
The Department aims to introduce modern technologies of communications, satellite image processing and analysis by means of specialized laboratories available in the department, which are overseen by competent teaching staff.

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