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The Department of Dentistry includes a five year study course, the first three of which are focused on basics and pre-clinic studies, while the fourth and fifth years involve both academic and clinical studies, during which the students carry on their training at an educational hospital specialized for dentistry and belonging to the department. After fulfilling the course requirements, the students are awarded the Bachelor degree in dentistry and oral surgery.

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Faculty of Dentistry

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In view of increase in population and society development in the country, the need is emerged for new dentists, who could practicethe latest technologies in dentistry. Hence, the notion of establishing the department of dentistry was crystallized and indeed, it was established in (2013-2014) in pursuant to the ministerial decree No. (T5-1173 dated in 27 of March2014). Therefore, Dijlah university college is the first private college inaugurating a dentistry department in al Karkh side in Baghdad and the second after al Mustansiriya University at the level of governmental and private colleges. The students were admitted after equipping the department with labs and other accessories and appointing young efficient instructors, who have a clinical and academic experience in health and academic institutions were implemented. The study in the department is five years: the first three are basic and pre-clinical study in the college, whereas, the fourth and fifth are clinical and academic where the students train in a specialized teaching hospital. After completing the requirements, the students get Bsc. degree in dentistry and oral surgery.
The department aims at preparing the new generation of dentistry graduates, which are capable of practicing modern technologies in dentistry and aware of the latest developments in the world regarding this field. It also aims to the preparation of Iraqi dentists that are coping with the latest training programs and capable to serve the country and citizens in the best ways following international standards.

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