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The department was established by the ministerial order c e / 2592 on: 20/9/2005. It accepts graduates of high schools (scientific and literary) sectio0ns.
Since the world is experiencing major changes and tremendous developments in communications and media fields, thus media has become a vital element in the life of communities, for it expresses the mentality of the masses, educate them, and play an effective role in the formation of public opinion as well as contributing to industry construction and political decision.
Starting from the academic year 2012- 2013 two branches were opened. They offer bachelor's degree in two fields of specialization: 1. Press Branch, specializing in teaching all subjects related to press publishing and skills and technical experiences. 2. Broadcast Journalism branch specializing in writing to the audio-visual media and all related practical training. The department is looking forward to start public relations in the future.

Graduation Projects of Media Department students for the academic year 2014-2015

1        Interactive Media View
2 Spreading of the phenomenon of begging View
3 Out of tune View
4 Orphan anniversary View
Rashid Street View
6 lost Childhood View
7 The reality of the Iraqi cinema View
8 Saffarin Market View
9 Advertising campaign for potato chips View
10 Advertising campaign to raise the awareness of cancer    View
11 Displaced till when
12 Drugs View

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Department of Media

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The Department of Media envisions itself to be one of the distinguished among private and government based colleges, taking an active role in the progress of the country and maintaining its civilized identity. This is done through preparing its students to reach a high level in creativity, innovation for the advancement of society.
1-Preparing qualified graduates that contribute to the development of media. 2-Presenting educational programs that are able to provide the students with the required set of theoretical and practical knowledge. 3-Ideal employment of academic educational techniques in the field of media. 4-Effective cooperation with universities, scientific commissions, and media corporations through specialized seminars and scientific events. 5-Emphasizing the professional and ethical responsibilities related to the media.
1-Attracting distinctive scientific staff specialized in the field of media. 2-Development of the academic program and syllabus, while coping with the scientific and technical evolution and dynamics. 3-Development of the students’ abilities in press editing and the media profession, in accordance with the requirements of the labor market in digital media. 4-Providing an academic environment that stimulates critical thinking, self-learning, and teamwork. 5-Consolidating ethical values and attachment to the country. 6-Encouraging the production and publishing of scientific research materials. 7-Fruitful collaboration with universities and media corporation inside and outside the country. Strategic targets include: 1-Preparation to establish new specialization branches, in accordance with the scientific advancements in the field of media. 2-Building a specialized media studio, to be invested for providing media services to the society. 3-Providing media related studies and consultation services for the public and private sectors. 4-Adopting modern technical means through electronic administration.

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