Department of Optics Techniques

The department was established in 12/10/2005. The first batch of graduates consisted of 15 students, while this year’s graduates were 281 students. The department attracts secondary schools graduates of the scientific branch, nursing schools, and medical institutes: social health branch, optical investigation branch and nursing branch.

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Department of Optics Techniques

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The department was established in pursuant to ministerial decree No. (2862) in 12/10/2005. It attracts secondary schools graduates (scientific branch, nursing schools, medical institute: social health branch, optical investigation branch and nursing institute-nursing branch). The department was established due to the vastness of healthy awareness to eyeglasses and lenses utilization. Therefore, the eyes investigator is highly needed in governmental and non governmental institutions as well as optical devices technicians in healthy institutions.
Students are provided theoretical, practical and clinical courses as well as training in hospitals and medical centers. Graduates are awarded the Bachelor degree in optical techniques, qualifying them to work in hospitals and medical centers inside and outside the country, as the degree is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research and the Ministry of Health. Graduates can also start their own clinics for eyes examination and glasses and lenses prescription. They can also work in the fabrication of glasses, lenses and artificial eyes. The current course duration is four years, with a plan to increase it to five years, after which the graduates are awarded the title of technical doctor in optical techniques.

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