Department of Cooling and Air Conditioning Techniques Engineering

The department grants the Bachelor degree in Cooling and Air Conditioning Techniques Engineering, which is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, furthermore the graduates are able to register at the Iraqi Engineers Union.

The department was established in pursuant to ministerial decree no: (2906) in 22/10/2005. It attracts graduates of secondary schools (scientific branch) and technical institutes’ branches (engines and equipment techniques, cooling and air conditioning, mechanical power, automobiles, spinning and fabric, mechanic techniques, operation and maintenance, production and pumps.

Since its establishment, the department has witnessed remarkable development and steady growth in its activities, qualitatively and quantitatively. Classrooms, laboratories, and workshops are continuously being supplied with the equipment, instruments, and tools facilitating the implementation of the departments’ academic plans in cooperation with the deanship. In addition, the department effectively and actively participates in various scientific, cultural, and sports activities at the college.

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Information Technology Department

Department of Cooling and Air Conditioning Techniques Engineering

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Focusing on providing the students with the necessary academic and professional knowledge and skills, through well thought out and up-to-date programs for the preparation of refrigeration and air conditioning engineers. The programs takes advantage of worldwide development in the field and are planned in cooperation with the deanship as well as relevant scientific and technical institutions.
The Department of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Techniques Engineering seeks to prepare distinguished engineers in the area of specialization, through programs aiming to provide the students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise (theoretical and practical) related to their work. Moreover, the department aims to enhance the capabilities of its students through laboratories, workshops, panel discussions, and continuous access to the latest developments in the field of specialization.
1-The department aims to prepare highly qualified scientific engineering staff through careful selection of qualified lecturers who, in turn, are keen to identify the best suitable means to deliver scientific materials to the students. 2-Emphasizing the practical side, as the department carefully sets engineering workshops and modern scientific laboratories to support the theoretical aspects and provide the student with the skills and expertise in the field. 3-Improve the scientific and professional level of the students and staff of the department, and introducing them to the latest technologies in the field of specialization. 4-Provide technical consulting in the field of specialization. 5-Strengthen, modernize, and develop the department’s abilities through training courses and research. 6- Provide the students with the academic foundations, skills, and professional expertise in the field of specialization, as well as the development of cognitive skills and improving the performance in the technical field (technological). Department’s strategy: The department aims that its curricula, programs, educational materials, and the levels of faculty members along with their abilities and accomplishments to be compliant with the finest on the local and international levels. It also aims to continuously raise the level of the department and prepare highly qualified and specialists.

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