Department of Computer Techniques Engineering

The department of Computer Techniques Engineering was founded in 2005, and since its establishment 1200 (technical) engineers were graduated. Graduates are specialized in computer technologies and are capable of designing electronic circuits and dealing with computer components, networking, and programming.

Since the academic year 2013/2014, the department has two branches of specialization starting from the third grade: Computer Communication Networks and Computer Electronics.

The department accepts secondary schools graduates of the scientific branch as well as graduates of technical institutes of the braches: electronic techniques, devices and control, medical devices, communications and electric techniques.

Graduates are entitled to join the Iraqi Engineers Union, according to the union’s decree on 2/9/2009.

خدمة البريد الالكتروني

Information Technology Department

Department of Computer Techniques Engineering

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The department aims to be one of the distinguished departments in Iraq, and to be well-known for its scientific sobriety, education excellence, and scientific research, which leads to the advancement of science, dissemination of knowledge and serving the society through continuous technical support by highly qualified graduates.
1- Graduating professionals specialized in computer engineering, including its various fields with high ethical and professional skills. 2- Providing a high-level research environment, enabling the departments’ staff and students to carry out research activities in different engineering fields to serve the community and support the interaction with the world. 3- Preparing the graduates in a distinguished way and following them up in their professional development while promoting self-learning and higher education. 4- Preparing highly-qualified engineers who are able to meet the requirements of the job market (both for government institutions and private sector) in the field of computer engineering. 5-Interaction with the community through the involvement in the development of the manufacturing and engineering institutions, leading to social and economic development of the country through consulting, continuous education, and providing solutions to industrial problems through research work.
1- Graduating people with a high level of knowledge and perception, capable of building, analyzing, and developing computer systems. 2-Providing the students with up to date-skills in the field of computer technologies, combined with scientific knowledge to enable them face the challenges of modern computing industry. 3-Improving the educational and administrative process in accordance with international standards, to achieve the department’s visions and goals. 4-Producing scientific and applied researches in the fields of engineering, aiming to solve problems related to industry and community services. 5-Effective participation in the revival and progress of society through organizing seminars, conferences, and continuous education. 6-Providing academic consultation in the fields of computer engineering.

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