Department of Medical Laboratory Science

Considering the scientific and technological development in the field of medical analysis and its adoption in the diagnosis of medical cases, the necessity has emerged for developing this sector and supplying it with the competent specialists.

Accordingly, Dijlah University College established the Department of Medical Analysis in pursuant to the ministerial decree dated in 17 of April 2014.

The department leverages on a scientific and training staff from the best in the field, and features classrooms and laboratories that are equipped with state-of-the-art devices and illustrative materials as well as a comprehensive scientific library.

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Department of Medical Laboratory Science

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The department aims to prepare a generation of specialists that are acquainted with the latest techniques required in the field of medical analysis. The course duration is four years, after which the graduates are awarded the bachelor degree in medical analysis. Graduates of this department are included in the government-based employment system, just like the graduates of the Medical Technical College, and are qualified to work in the different government and private institutions for both health and education sectors.

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