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Private academic institution of higher education with public interest. Founded in Baghdad according to the decree issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (3322) on the 27/10/2004 in accordance with the law of establishing private colleges and universities No. (13) of 1996, as amended


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The path pursued by the college is copious with creative achievements and it is discreet in its relationships of trust with the ever end Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research from one side, and with the community to adopt the reasons of development and advancement from the other side. While the college is keen to look forward, it endeavors always to fulfill its educational and national obligations down to proper performance. It attempts to crown this effort by mounting the shoulders of pioneering in the principles of sciences of engineering, law and administration at the local, regional and international levels. This college seeks to achieve a number of goals summarized as follow:


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Dijlah University College holds training courses for its students to award them the Cisco International Certificate
Active attendance of the Dijlah University College in the scientific seminars of the University of Technology
Dijlah University College paints the smile on the faces of children
Courses for teaching English in modern international curricula
Faculty of Dentistry of Dijlah University College provides medical care for employees of the Ministry of the Interior and their
Dijlah University College hosted a practical activity, of the Iraqi Council for Oral and Maxillofacial surgery
After his participation in the international conference held at the University of Tübingen in Germany, a prof. of Dijlah Univers
Dijlah University College is being honored as part of the First Media Festival
Within the week of financial inclusion, an introductory seminar on the importance of banks in the economy

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