Department of Cooling and Air Conditioning Techniques Engineering

The department grants the Bachelor degree in Cooling and Air Conditioning Techniques Engineering, which is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, furthermore the graduates are able to register at the Iraqi Engineers Union.

The department was established in pursuant to ministerial decree no: (2906) in 22/10/2005. It attracts graduates of secondary schools (scientific branch) and technical institutes’ branches (engines and equipment techniques, cooling and air conditioning, mechanical power, automobiles, spinning and fabric, mechanic techniques, operation and maintenance, production and pumps.

Since its establishment, the department has witnessed remarkable development and steady growth in its activities, qualitatively and quantitatively. Classrooms, laboratories, and workshops are continuously being supplied with the equipment, instruments, and tools facilitating the implementation of the departments’ academic plans in cooperation with the deanship. In addition, the department effectively and actively participates in various scientific, cultural, and sports activities at the college.



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