Dean's Message: Prof. Dr. Riad Hassan Alanbari

The Dijlah University College was established by the order of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 3322 on 27/10/2004. It has been and will continue to be a leading educational institution that draws its scientific systems from the latest technology with the aim of preparing a healthy generation of students armed with science and ethics together and equipped with modern concepts. Its purpose is to serve the community within this trustee homeland.

   The University College of Dijlah is one of the largest and most important institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It includes twelve departments: medical, engineering, science and humanities, and a distinguished center for research in laser medicine, with thousands of students graduating fortified with science to enter the labor market with distinctive qualifications.

   It is worthy to mention that the total surface area of ​​the college is 17,500 square meters, with a building area of ​​50,000 square meters, including classrooms, laboratories and other specialized rooms, as well as rooms for the teaching and administrative staff and dental hospital with six clinics specializing in dentistry and dental surgery.



The path that the Dijlah University College follow is full of achievements and keenness relations of trust with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the one hand and with the society on the other hand to obtain the causes of development and advancement, Dijlah University College is keen to look forward, and always seeks to meet the educational and national obligations up to the best performance, and crown its efforts with the will of becoming a leader in the medical, engineering, scientific and humanitarian disciplines locally, regionally and internationally. We are also keen to say: This College seeks to achieve a number of goals, including the following:

- Contribute to the building of modern and enlightened generations, armed with science as a base for any serious change in the construction of an integrated society in its starting points and objectives that links the heritage with modernity in order to be a college center for the advancement of science on the one hand and support the needs of the individuals and society on the other hand. The College strives to raise the mind and thought to stimulate students and teacher's creativity and invention.


- Arrangement of the university work requirements such as: labs and teaching aids, conducting research and specialized studies that contribute to the scientific and technological fields, benefiting from outstanding student research, researchs of teaching staff, providing expertise and advice to economic and productive institutions, and contributing in the introduction of services to the community. Thus came the constriction of the Dental Hospital, the advisory bureau,  the Cisco Academy for Computer Networks, the TOEFL Center for English Language and the Information Technology Section.

- Strives seriously to develop continuous education and to improve the performance of the specialized labor force and provide them with the latest developments in their fields of specialization, as well as holding continuous training courses in the fields of specialization of the college departments.

- The College seeks to spread the methods of information circulation and availability and use, in addition to the adoption of digital technology to work in the digital college system, through modern means of communication. Hence the college has started using the program of exam grades to adjust and facilitate the issuing of transcripts, and the students database registration at the Student Affairs Department as well as other programs related to the weekly schedules, the control of absenteeism, the distribution of students to the exam halls and the adoption of e-mail system on the College Website to facilitate the management of the educational process and to provide fast services to students.

- Opening channels of joint work with international universities in accordance with the concept of twinning to develop programs of some disciplines with the aim of improving current state of education to reach the global academic accreditation.

- The College is keen to transfer the scientific reality and scientific theories to the performance of productive work in the community and to be a leading institution in educational guidance and to benefit from science and its applications in building values ​​and ethics for the individuals and society.

    It is important to note the efforts have been made by the employees of this academic institution, thanks to which our college has obtained an advanced classification locally and internationally, including the classification of the Webometrics Ranking. This state opened wide horizons for our college to become the top and most qualified among other colleges. The College seeks to enter into other global rankings in addition to achieving advanced grades in the Iraqi classification of universities and colleges, which will be adopted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Special attention is given to the concept of the quality of educational laboratories to become a distinguished model among the laboratories of high educational institutions in Iraq.

   In front of all that has been mentioned, the quality insurance, academic reliance and qualitative dependence of the college's output remains a fertile ground for all ambitions. The last thing to refer to is the mechanism of academic cooperation in twinning with governmental colleges, which thank God we were excel in, and keen to work hard to raise the level in the coming years.

   Finally, the College aspires to become a major and an active factor in the university institution. We invoke to Almighty Allah to be able to participate in the construction of the scientific and educational institutions. Our appreciations are due for the efforts of all the administrative staff, professors, researchers and students.   

God grants success.


Prof. Dr. Riad Hassan Alanbari

Dean of Dijlah University College


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