The Dean Speech

The Dean Speech
Dijlah University College is an academic institution established under the order passed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research,No.3322in the27/10/2004. It was and it is still an educational and a pioneered resource seeking scientific methods and quenching its thirst from the best owments of the modern technology to prepare a sound generation of students armed with science and ethics together and provided by modern concepts to serve their community within the mission of this secure country.
The path pursued by the college is copious with creative achievements and it is discreet in its relationships of trust with the ever end Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research from one side, and with the community to adopt the reasons of development and advancement from the other side. While the college is keen to look forward, it endeavors always to fulfill its educational and national obligations down to proper performance. It attempts to crown this effort by mounting the shoulders of pioneering in the principles of sciences of engineering, law and administration at the local, regional and international levels. This college seeks to achieve a number of goals summarized as follows:
- Contributing in building modern enlightened generations armed with science, which is the base of any serious change to build a society, integrated in its starting points and goals;a society that links heritage with contemporary life; a society that takes the certainty of Allah as an eternal incentive in creating a sober self. The college, in order to be a center of scientific advance from one side and to support the needs of an individual and society alike from the other side, sought to promote mind and thought and stimulate the energies of creativity and innovation among its students and its professors.
-Preparing the requirements of university work;like laboratories, teaching aids, and conducting researches and specialized studies to contribute to the scientific and technological fields.Utilizing students’ and faculty’s excellent researches and to providing e expertise and consult to economic and productive institutions. This leads to the innovation of the Advisory Office in the college.
-Seeking seriously to develop continuing education to improve the performance of specialized work force and supplying them with the latest developments in the fields of competence as well as holding continues symposiums of training on the use of computers and Internet.
-The college attempts to popularize methods of circulating and using information. It utilizes the digital technology to reach a college digital system. The college is also attempts to connect itself electronically with University of Baghdad and other Universities through modern means of communication.It initiated using the program of test grading scores to adjust and facilitate issuing graduate certificates and maintain the Master Sheet. The college also adopts the test grading program and a database of the students in the Department of Registration and the Department of Student Affairs, in addition to many other programs involving weekly time table, control absences and organize the distribution of the students on the halls of examination.
-Opening channels of joint work with international universities to develop programs of some disciplines like computer science and computer engineering.
-The college is keen to transfer scientific fact and scientific theories to perform productive work in the community.
-Finally,the college aspires to be a major and active factor in the university institution. It implores the Glory Allah to be able to participate in the construction of scientific and educational citadels. The College highly appreciates all the efforts of all its employees;professors, researchers and students.
Allah is behind every good intention.

Ass . Prof . Dr. Ali Hatim Hassan

Dean of Dijlah University College


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