A note on Dijlah University College

Dijlah University College is a private academic institution in higher education of public interest. The college was founded in Baghdad under the decree issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (3322) on 10.27.2004, according to the establishment of Private Colleges and Universities modified Law No. (13) 1996.
Dijlah University College strives to provide educational services by using scientific methods and modern technology, and for its curricula to keep pace with the latest global developments and to improve their applications and impact on society. The University aims to equip its students with the necessary information on all scientific, educational and research fields, in the form that achieves continuous communication between the university and the community, and thus contributing to the achievement of economic and social development objectives in Iraq.
The college has created the best scientific staff and continuously seeks their development, through partnership agreements with some well-known universities in the world. In the area of infrastructure development it has been investing in the establishment of a distinct academic complex in the center of Baghdad, to become a scientific edifice ahead of other peer colleges.
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