Information Technology Department

A note on the Information Technology Department

To build up the culture of electronic governance, Dijlah University College has established the Information Technology (IT) Department which operates the latest technologies for the management of network, security and databases. Also, the IT Department handles all IT-related aspects within the College, such as administration and operation of the e-mail system, programming of department-related applications, maintenance of computers and protection against viruses, and management, operation and maintenance of the computer network and Internet service.

Duties of the IT Department at Dijlah University College

  1. Creation and management of the College’s e-mail system.
  2. Design of the electronic lectures system (LMS).
  3. Design and development of College’s application for smartphones.
  4. Design of the electronic application forms.
  5. Administration of the College’s website.
  6. Providing Internet connectivity.
  7. Maintenance of the College’s different computer systems and protection against viruses.
  8. Management of the databases for the Registration and Human Resource Departments.



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