Professors of DUC are starting to publish their intellectual products: A New Book for the Head of the Department of Business Adm

Dr. Akram Salem Hassan, head of business administration department at DUC has recently published a book entitled "Strategic Management and the Challenges of the 21st Century" by Amjad Publishing and Distribution House: Amman, Jordan.

The book includes 18 chapters, a detailed study of strategic management and its concepts, theories and approaches, a case study, and access to the circulated strategic management.  It highlights the latest trends from the perspective of integrated contemporary controversial comprehensive framework, the subject of strategic choice and implementation, and the most prominent models and tools of information technology strategies, an educated organization, and a balanced assessment card.

Dr. Akram Salem Hassan stressed that "The idea of writing the book is to introduce researchers and students to the utmost importance of the strategic management and its future results, which is a window that looks at the horizons of strategic thinking and a key to continuity and follow-up of scientific research in this context."

It is worth mentioning that DrAkram Salem Hassan is the author of several scientific publications, the most important of which are: Knowledge Management in Building Core CompetenciesManagement and OrganizationPrinciples and Foundations, an Introduction of TraditionalModern and Contemporary Theories, and Readings in Organizational Thought.



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