Graduation Research Projects of Undergraduate Studies are Scientific Pillars for Getting the B.A Degree

Department of engineering of refrigeration and air conditioning technology has organized a seminar for students of the final stages to familiarize them with how to write graduate research projects in accordance with the approved academic form which is part of the requirements for obtaining the bachelor's degree for the academic year (2016-2017).

The rapporteur of the department Asst. Lect. Hussein Talal presented a detailed explanation of the methods used in the writing and preparation of graduation research papers in terms of form and content, to introduce the students of the department how to accomplish their research in a manner that enhances their scientific performance. He, also, discussed the mechanism and basis for the formulation and writing of research in terms of accuracy and objectivity and selection of scientific sources. 

He added "The aim of the lecture is to help to the students to finalize their projects and give them important and scientific suggestions and opinions that enhance the quality of their researches in the best scientific and academic manner."  



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