Prof. Dr. Ali Hatem Al Hasan Honor Elite Selection of the First year Students after Completing Distinguished Television Programs

Prof. Dr. Al Hasan the Dean of Dijlah University College stressed the importance of faithful media in building the society and diagnosing its important issues, especially in these circumstances which our beloved Iraq is passing.

This was took place during his meeting and honoring elite of first year students of Media Department for their persistent work in producing  and introducing Television programs that personify important social issues. Their work was done in collaboration with the Department of Students Activities using their own abilities. Al Hasan stressed the importance of practical production and its role in encouraging the students to show their talents and abilities in the field of Media.

After the examination of the programs by specialized committees of Media Department teaching staff the program (Qanbar Ali) produced by the students Ali Qais, Lina Khlil and AL Hassan Ahmed, got the first award. The program (The best companion in a time is a book) produced by the students Suhaib Ahmed, Mohammad Jassim and Haider Nadhim got the second award. Whereas the program (It is your Decision) produced by the students Haider Sarmed, Sara Faris and others got the third award. All programs were produced under the supervision of Dr. Mohasad Fakhry an instructor in Media Department.

On their parts the honored students expressed their thanks and appreciation for the attention of Mr. Dean, his direct care to his students and his encouragement to show their scientific and artistic talents. They also praise the hard work and direct caring of the media department staff, especially the head department for his continuous observance during producing the programs.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Adnan Adu Al Sied the Head of Media Department and the rapporteur of the Department Dr. Asma Abdoon as well as a group of the teaching staff.  



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