Marshes of Iraq a National heritage and important present, An Instructor from Dijlah University College delivers a lecture on Ma

Dr. Maha Rasheed Al- Hameed an instructor at the Department of Building and Constrictions delivers a lecture at Karkh University for Science, College of Geophysics and Remote Sensing on the "Hydraulic systems in Iraq". The lecture was a contribution on the work "The futurist visions to support and direct the theme of the Marshes, under the slogan Our Marshes is the Heritage of Our Bright Civilization". Several Researchers and specialist were present as well as the representatives of Iraqi Ministries and Universities. Their aim was to discuss the present state of the marshes and how to cooperate and coordinate to actualize the due commitments after the inclusion of the marshes within the world heritage.

The symposium included lectures on water, environment and the effect of oil industry on the future of the marshes. The participants reviewed the finished and future projects in all fields related to subject of the marshes, the possibilities of preserving this unique environment and the development of its present economic and social life which contribute to the living circumstances of the inhabitant of the marshes.

The symposium concluded with several recommendations among which is the necessity of establishing a National Committee for the reanimation of the marshes. The committee includes experts and specialists in the concerning fields (water resources, environment and diversity of living beings, tourism and oil investment) with which the academic establishments should also have an effective role. The marshes should be flooded with fresh water and the role of the concern censorial authority should be activated to observe the activities of oil companies in the region of the marshes. The importance of coordination between the central government and the domestic government in the activation of the role of community contribution in the success of the policy of reanimation was also discussed. 

At the end of the symposium the College of Geophysics and Remote Sensing assessed the contribution of Dr. Maha and awarded her a certificate of appreciation.



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