Mosul is in the laps of Iraq, Dijlah University College celebrates the victories over Daesh

The Dijlah University College held a ceremony on the occasion of the liberation of the city of Mosul from the terrorist gangs of Daesh. The ceremony began with reading of Surat Al-Fatihah on the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, and then the national anthem was played. In his speech the dean of the college Dr. Ali Hatem Al Hassan said: "The liberation of Al Mosul does not only confine on the military victory and getting rid of the darkness of Daesh but the victories has become a unifying element for all Iraqis who became under one tent namely the tent of Iraq. They twitch under one name, one banner that is Iraq. Thus I cannot pin one faction for all groups are unified under the name of the grate Iraq. At the end our wish is this dark page results in flourishing and unifying future, God willing.  
Thanks and gratitude goes to the brave Iraqi army, the police, the security forces and the popular crowd".
During the ceremony and amid the presence of professors, staff and students of the college national poetry poems were delivered in love and unity of land and people of Iraq by the students of the college.



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العدد الخامس

2016/06/22 العدد الخامس


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