The ministry of Higher education and Scientific research discussing the electronic governance.

The ministry of Higher education and scientific research discussed the electronic governance at the educational institutions and the mechanism of linking them with the ministry. 

During his heading of the meeting of the committee for activating the implementation of electronic governances, the deputy minister for administration affairs Dr. Mohammad Atiya Al- Saraj said: the committee set the standards of choosing the more advanced and competent regulations, after receiving them from the universities, and experimenting these regulations in three universities by linking them with the ministry on a specific information base.  He clarifies that all regulations that will come from the universities will be subjected to comparison and the best of which in competent and ability of implementation and development will be chosen. A specialized group that works in training of the university staff for the execution of the electronic projects was also formed. 

This meeting comes in a series of steps taken by the ministry aiming to the development of educational institutions work, and its special infrastructures through the implementation of modern electronic regulations in all formations, he added.   



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