In continuation of the pursuit of scientific and academic development, the Dijlah University College opens the Dental Teaching H

Dr. Musa Al Moussawi, Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, with the Dean of the Dijlah University College, Dr. Ali Hatem Al Hassan, inaugurated the Educational Hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry at Dijlah University College.

The Advisor accompanied with the Dean of the College toured in the corridors, classrooms and scientific laboratories of the hospital.

Al-Moussawi praised the great development that the college has witnessed on both the construction and academic levels. In his speech he stressed that "the hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry matches the world's top universities and international hospitals in the field of dentistry, and when compared with governmental colleges it is not less in being clean equable and well equipped. The presence of a large number of patients is a sign of people's trust in this section. "

"The private colleges are subordinate to the government colleges and with out their existence, there would be a crisis in accepting the huge numbers of high school graduates who are not absorbed by the governmental colleges. Hence the private colleges are cooperating with and supporting the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in accepting and absorbing the surplus students. I have sought the presence of a sense of dental students and their interest in surgical operations; they are very close to what is done by governmental universities" Al Moussawi added.

For his part, the Dean of Dijlah University College, Prof. Dr. Ali Hatem Al Hassan, expressed his thanks and gratitude for the ministerial support represented by the presence of Dr. Al Moussawi, the advisor to the ministry of Higher Education, stressing that the steps taken by the Dijlah University College are done to back the education process and make it parallel and competitive with major Arab and International Universities.



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