To develop the students' abilities culturally and scientifically Dijlah University College executes a book show inside its galle

Dijlah University College in collaboration with Al-Marhaj Bookstore executed an exhibition for scientific and cultural books and deferent literary and intellectual encyclopedias for the period (from: 2/ 1/ 2018 to: 17/1/2018).

The person in charge of the exhibition stressed that: "The goal for executing this book show is to spread the culture of reading paper books among the youth. The exhibited books are of deferent subjects to fulfill the needs of the readers. The book show includes (books of science, narrations, short stories, poetry, prose and criticism and intellectual studies)".

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition witnesses wide college students attendance. They acquire deferent books in general, but narrations and short stories in particular came on top of the sold books.



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