Announcement Invitation for foreign students to study at the Dijlah University College

The Dijlah University College announces its readiness to provide the necessary facilities to accept non-Iraqi students from all over the world starting from the academic year (2018-2019) to complete the undergraduate study (Bachelor Degree) in the fields of study listed below.

For farther information write to the following email:


Fields of Study


1.Medical Fields:

A. Faculty of Dentistry

B. Department of Medical Laboratory Science

C. Department of Optics Techniques


2.Engineering Fields

A. Department of Building and Construction Engineering

B. Department of Computer Techniques Engineering

C. Department of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineering


3.Science Fields:

A. Department of Computer Science

B. Department of Finance and Banking science

C. Department of Business Administration


4.Humanitarian competences

A. Department of law

B. Department of Media

          C. Department of Arabic language



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