For a society free from negative phenomena, The Dijlah University College held a seminar on youth awareness seminar on the dange

Under the patronage of the Dean of Dijlah University College Dr. Riad Hassan Alanbari,  and in collaboration with Al-Dora Municipality and the Municipality of Baghdad and the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Community Police, a seminar was held on Thursday, 1/3/2018 under the title "The Drug Problem and its repercussions  on Human Security in Iraqi Society".

The seminar was attended by the Asst. Prof. Dr. Said Abdul Hadi as a representative of the Dean of (DUC) and the presence of a number of Head Departments and students. The seminar focused on the importance of the role of university students in preventing the spread of drugs among the community and the greet danger it represent on our country. During the seminar a collection of pictures and videos that show the negative effects of taking drugs on people were presented.

At the end of the seminar the General Director of Al-Dora Municipality express his thanks and appreciation to the Deanship of (DUC) for their continuous collaboration in holding seminars that serve the Iraqi society and examine ways of security and of protecting it against inner disasters.



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