Dijlah University College .. Strenuous efforts to expand the building of the educational dental clinics

In order to support its students and based on the guidance of Dr. Riad Hassan Alanbari, Dijlah University College is organizing engineering teams to expand the building of the dental clinics and construct two additional floors. This achievement comes within the framework of the College's plan to become a university through the opening of new medical departments, in addition to the development of the Medical Group College out of the seven colleges to be established.   

It is worth mentioning that the dental clinics established in 2016 consists of a three-storey building that includes a group of specialized clinics. It also includes several rooms: surgical rooms, radiology rooms as well as surgery rooms to give practical lectures in which the students train on the practical skills of the theoretical material in the field of their specialization. These clinics are provided with the latest medical equipment and staff with high competencies.

This coms in the effort of the college to provide all the needs of the students for appropriate environment to enhance their skills and develop their creative ideas.



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