A symposium organized by the Dijlah University College of in cooperation with Baghdad Health Department on Aids and drugs addict

The Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Said Abdel Hadi, received a delegation from the Ministry of Health on Tuesday 3/4/2018. The delegation held an awareness symposium in cooperation with the Media Department at (DUC) on the risks of AIDS and drug abuse.

The symposium was held in two fields: the first was on (HIV infection) in which Dr. Nizar Abdul Mahdi from the National Center for AIDS talked about AIDS and its symptoms and causes as well as ways of transmission, and the importance of periodic examination and health advice to reduce the risk of infection.

The second was a lecture entitled (the next danger of abuse and addiction) in which Dr. Riad Rudaini Director of Health Division of Mental Health Department of Baghdad focused on the danger of drug addiction and its causes and the damage it caused. He also clarified the treatment methods used in the elimination of addiction.



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