To keep pace with scientific development, lectures within the week of the Department of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Techn

The Department of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Techniques Engineering at the Dijlah University College held its scientific week for the period from 25/3 to 2/4/2018, which carried the slogan "Knowledge Culture is a tributary of scientific development." During the week scientific lectures prepared by the professors of the department were presented. The most important of which was: a lecture by Dr. Abbas Fadel on the differences between the gas power stations and the steam stations, a lecture by Asst. Lecturer.  Haidar Lafta, on the (HAP) program for the design of the refrigeration and air conditioning systemss, a lecture by the head of the Department of  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Techniques Engineering Assistant Professor Dr. Kifaya Aboud Al-Saffar,on the introduction of (ABET) standards in the engineering colleges, and a lecture by Mr. Amer Fadel on the uses of alternative energy. All lectures received the attention of professors and departments students.



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