Using a global program and in collaboration with NSFX, a workshop to develop students' skills

The Department of Finance and Banking at Deijlah University College and in cooperation with  NSFX, a subsidiary of Malaysia Stock Exchange, organized a workshop using the Meta Trader Forex trading program, which was led by Prof. Baraa Mohiuddin Ibrahim from the department of Finance and Banking and the representative of NSFX, Mustafa Ghazi. The goal of the workshop is to develop the skills of the Students in order to qualify them to compete in the labor market and to open an advanced platform for the practice of financial activity in foreign currencies in the manner of commercial simulation for trading to achieve an investment vision of individuals as well as providing advisory services for learners and those wishing to expand in electronic investor.

After the use of financial leverage 1: 1000 in the number of traders of 100 students and 15 professors real income to the electronic accounts has been acheaved with atrading volume of up to $2 million Dollars with a financial asset of $ 2000. The practical tests by the college were successful to collect and activate accounts on mobile phones and introduce fixed and mobile trafficking service.




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