To develop the requested skills, Dijlah University College holds a number of scientific lectures

The Department of Business Administration at Dijlah University College has held a number of scientific lectures aimed at qualifying a generation of students with high skills to reach new horizons by actively participating in lectures prepared by the department's professors. The most important of these lectures are:  A lecture entitled "Scientific research is a basic foundation for modernization and improvement of researches". The lecture was delivered by Dr. Khalid Al Mashhadani, in which he presented the methods of scientific research, the reality of research in developing and advanced countries and the importance of financial allocations for research which are considered as the basis of scientific and technological development.

 A lecture delivered by Dr. Mahmoud Al-araji on: "comprehensive social security" in which he explains the Law of Social Security and how to apply it, and its impact on higher education institutions.

 A scientific Sumner on: "electronic commerce and its international dimensions". The Head of the Department of Business Administration, assistant professor Dr. Hazza Dawood Salman and a number of the Department teaching staff has participated in the discussions. They addressed the fundamental shift from the traditional commerce to electronic commerce.



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