After his participation in the international conference held at the University of Tübingen in Germany, a prof. of Dijlah Univers

Dr. Nasser Abdulwahid a prof. at the Media Department- Dijlah University College delivered a brief presentation to the department professors in which he summarizes the proceedings of the international conference held at the University of Tübingen in Germany.

The conference dealt with the new scientific methods and modern technologies used in the archeological excavations, and the preservation of antiquities, as well as the technical progress in the use of computers, digital technologies and electronic programs in obtaining information when analyzing archeological findings and conducting researches and studies in this regard.

In his speech, Dr. Nasser discussed the importance of Iraqi archaeological sites and monuments and the need for their preservation, referring to the criminal practices of (Daesh) gangs, and called for the need for international cooperation to restore and preserve these monuments.

Dr. Nasser Abdulwahid is a professor of archeology and Art history. He published several books as well as several researches and studies in this field in local, regional and international journals and conferences.



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