The authorized committee distributes contracts to graduates covered by College Loans.

Assistant Dean of Dijlah University College for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Said Abdul Hadi Al-Murhaj, and the members of the authorized Committee on the project of Dijlah incubators of the business met with a number of graduates covered by loans within the first group. The purpose was to explain the details of the contract to be concluded with them and the mechanisms of starting the first step to start their projects.

Al-Murhaj stressed that the college is moving towards embracing the largest number of its graduates through the Dijlah Business Promotions program. The program that takes upon itself to support the projects of graduate students in the form of soft loans and large amounts of more than 100,000,000 million Iraqi dinars. He pointed out that this comes in the fight against unemployment and give greater opportunity to young people to demonstrate their potential and effective energies in building their future and their involvement as active members in the society.

The participants on their part expressed their happiness with this step, which took them from the stage of despair they experienced after graduation to an atmosphere full of hope and optimism for self-realization, and work projects within the disciplines they studied in their mother's college (Dijlah University College).

The projects included:

The first project: (Aluminum workshop/ PVC + CNC / Glass)

The Second Project: (Office of supplying and maintenance of computers and the Internet)

The third Project: (Medical laboratory Science)

The fourth project: (Optics Center)

Fifth Project: (Optics Center)



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