Dijlah University College maintains the top position in the global webometrics rankings

The Dijlah University College ranked first in the Webometrics Ranking of World University among all universities and private colleges in Baghdad. The Webometrics ranking is the largest system for evaluating international universities, covering more than twenty five thousand universities. The assessment is based in Spain at the World Council for Scientific Research. This classification is primarily aimed at urging the world's academic institutions to provide scientific activities that reflect their scientific level through its website on the World Wide Web.

The Spanish global webometrics ranking depends on four indicators:  Influence, attendance, excellence and openness. The Dijlah University College has obtained a distinguished order among all universities and colleges in Iraq, including educational institutions in the Kurdistan region thus continuing its success on the scientific and educational levels. The college is interested in the outputs of higher education, considering it the mainstay of the economic and social development.



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