In the presence of the Director of Relations and Information of the Ministry Brig. Gen. Saad Maan, Dijlah University College red

A delegation from the Ministry of Interior, represented by Brig. Gen. Dr. Saad Maan, Director of the Department of Relations and Information, Ministry of Interior, visited Dijlah University college on Saturday, 15/9/2018. He was received by the Dean of Dijlah University College, Dr. Riyad Hassan Alanbari and Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs. Dr. Saeed Al-Murhaj, and the Director of Administrative and Legal Affairs Mr. Jafar Jumaili.

During the visit they discussed a number of issues that create cooperation between the Dijlah University College and the Ministry of Interior, the most important of which is that Dijlah University College highly evaluate the efforts and sacrifices of the employees of the Ministry of Interior in the defense of our homeland and the possibility of admitting them in the evening studies with reduction of 20% of the tuition fees and admitting their sons in the day and evening studies with reduction of tuition fees of 25%, as well as providing free treatment services for the Ministry's employees and their families in the dental hospital and the eye sight center of the university.



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