In cooperation with Baghdad University Media College, Public Relations students at the Dijlah University College received a fiel

In the framework of scientific cooperation between the Dijlah Dijlah University and the University of Baghdad, students of the fourth stage in the Department of Media - Public Relations participated with their colleagues in the College of Media at the University of Baghdad in a field lecture on the role and activities of Public Relations at Baghdad International Fair on: 13/11/2018.

The students were briefed on the pavilions of government institutions and civil companies and how do they work and use of media means to inform and promote their activities and production of goods and services, as well as to see the pavilions of foreign embassies, to understand the role of public relations in building the mental image of countries. Dr. Raya Qahtan Al-Hamdani, instructor at the Baghdad University clarified for the students, in a field lecture within the public relations campaigns, the importance of communication and media messages and how to employ them in the work of public relations.

Among the institutions that the students were briefed on its activity is the pavilion of the National Islamic Bank. The pavilion manager gave a detailed explanation of the services and facilities provided by the bank, clarifying the role of public relations in employing the media means to promote the bank.

The students were also briefed on the pavilion of the People's Housing complex, including three dimensional models of the residential units. They were also briefed on the mechanism of the promotion of the complex and the means of information used to promote and inform the public about the services provided to them.

The participants in the lecture presented a great interaction by asking questions, participating in giving opinions, conducting dialogues with representatives of existing institutions and companies, and writing reports on the media activities used to promote the exhibition assets.

In their field lectures the students were accompanied by Dr. Raya Qahtan al-Hamdani from the University of Baghdad, and Dr. Zina Abdel Hadi, Dr. Areej Nazem and Dr. Muhasad Fakhry from the University of Dijlah.



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