In support of the project of strengthening national unity, instructors from the media department participates in a symposium on

Instructors from the Department of Media at Dijlah University College participated in a scientific symposium entitled "Inclusion of minority issues in the curricula of the media colleges in Iraq". The symposium was held by the College of Media / University of Baghdad in the Central Conference Hall, on Tuesday, 2018/12/25.

Dr. Adnan Abdel-Moneim Abou El Saad Head of the Department of Media on behalf of the Dean of the College Dr. Riad Alanbari, Dr. Amina Salman and Dr. Iyad Tariq attended the symposium. Dr. Iyad presented a research paper within the work of the symposium. His paper won the admiration and interaction of the attendees.

Several professors from different faculties and media departments in Iraqi public and private universities participated in the symposium, as well as postgraduate students in the fields of: information science, communication, political science, and researchers interested in the study of minorities.



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