The Private University Education Department honors the 2018 teaching staff who gained academic titles

The Department of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research held a celebration at the University of Uruk to honor the professors who received scientific titles in the private universities and colleges on Tuesday, 29/1/2019.

The celebration was attended by Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdel Moneim Jabbar Obaid, Director of the Department of private University Education who delivered a speech praising the efforts of the teaching staff and their outstanding scientific progress wishing them more success in the future.

The honoring included a number of the teaching staff of Dijlah University College among them: Dr. Hamza Dawood Salman, head of scientific laboratories and technical workshops, and Dr. Jumaa Abd Fayyad, legal advisor to Dijlah University College, as well as a group of teaching staff members from various departments including the departments of Media, Law, Optics, Business Administration, Finance, Banking and other departments.



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