MP Zeitoun al-Dulaimi sent a letter of thanks to the teaching staff in the media department

MP Zeitoun Hussein al-Dulaimi, member of the House of Representatives, thanked the Deanship of Dijlah University College and the teaching staff in the media department for their scientific efforts towards the students.

In her letter No. 7 dated on: 9/1/2019, MP Zeitoun Al-Dulaimi pointed out that she appreciates the distinguished efforts of Dijlah University College in general and the Media Department represented by its head department Dr. Adnan Abu Al-Saad and all the teaching staff for their service in teaching the students according to what she has sensed and heard from the students themselves.

Madam Zitoun wished the Dijlah University College further progress and success and the continuation of the scientific process of excellence to serve Iraq the great.



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