The Arab Union of Media gives the shield of creators to the head of the department of media at the Dijlah University College

In a large celebration and a wide media specialists presence, Dr. Adnan Abdel Moneim Abu Al- Saad, Head of Media Department at Dijlah University College, won the shield of the creators in a group of dignitaries at a mass rally organized by the Arab Union for Electronic Media in the Martyrs' monument Hall on Saturday, 2019/3/16.

The ceremony was attended by a large group of politicians, media and university professors, as well as social and cultural elites who were also honored for their creative contributions to the cultural and media movement, as well as honoring some military leaders in the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the Popular Crowed Organization for their role in defending the homeland and sacrifice for the sake of its unity.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Adnan Abu Al-Saad received many honors from various educational, cultural and media societies for his outstanding role in the educational and media march. He has a long history in the formation of several distinguished media generations in the media field.



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