Dijlah University College holds a scientific symposium on chemical, biological and radiological security and safety

The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques at Dijlah University College held a scientific seminar entitled "Chemical, Biological and Radiological security and Safety" on Saturday, 16/3/2019, at the Grand Occasions Hall of the College.

The seminar was directed by Prof. Dr. Sanad Baqer Al-Araji, the representative of the Ministerial Committee for Scientific Affairs, focusing on the application of security and safety in the laboratories. Prof. Dr. Khalid Hadi Mahdi Al-Obeidi, prof. Dr. Aoss Hilal Al-Ani and Assistant Professor Dr. Ihsan Muhsin Al-Bayati head of the department of Optics Techniques at Dijlah University College delivered Lectures on the conditions that must be provided in the scientific laboratories, ways to maintain the health and safety of workers, the preparation of emergency plans for laboratories and the mechanism of destruction of chemical, biological and radiological waste.

At the end of the seminar, Prof. Dr. Qahtan Ahmed Mohamed, Head of Medical Laboratory Techniques Department, presented a certificate of thanks and appreciation to the lecturers.



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