Humanitarian Voluntary Work is the Ambition of Educated Young People: The Students of DUC Paint a Smile on the Faces of the Canc

With the support and guidance of the dean of DUC Dr. Al Hassan, a group of students from the fourth stage department of banking and finance sciences section (C) and in coordination with the student activities department at the college paid a visit to the city of medicine hospital / department of cancer diseases for children to provide financial and moral support for them.

The dean of DUC Dr. Al Hassan said, "The college is initiative in humanitarian contributions and voluntary campaign and works to encourage students to participate in such campaigns through which we can prove ourselves and convey our message to the world through this scientific edifice DUC, that we are people who love humanity and life, any doctrine or denomination would not separate us, we are one hand defends its territory with full force, whether in the battlefield or through the platforms of science and knowledge in the scientific and academic institutions." adding "These participations performed by our students are the best proof that we are the people who love peace, outcast everything topples our humanity."

The head of the department of banking and finance in DUC Dr. Hashim Hussein said, "The College is seeking to provide all useful services to the public interests, as it contributes on an ongoing basis and provide services in all areas to all members of the society." Noting "The purpose of the visit by the students of the department of banking and finance is to stand on the most satisfactory results experienced by the patient children of cancer to provide material and moral assistance to their families and stand with them in the treatment of the children infected with the deadly disease."

The medical staff of the hospital and the patients’ families praised the deanery of DUC and the dean Dr. Al Hassan, expressing their thanks and gratitude to this humanitarian initiative that rejoiced their beloved ones who suffer from illness conditions that is critical, and they wished the college more success in scientific and humanitarian giving."



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