With the Highest Degrees of Organization and Preparation DUC Resumed Its Mid-Term Examinations

DUC in all it scientific and humanitarian departments has embarked on the performance of the first semester examinations for the academic year (2016-2017), which began on Monday, 09/01/2017 and continue until 01/31/2017.

DUC represented by its dean Dr. Al Hassan insisted on supporting the students in different aspects to complete the examinations properly. They support the students through providing them all the necessary requirements besides the classes and the comfortable and quiet environment so as the students do well and succeed. Al Hassan said “DUC is seeking to sustain its scientific prestige specially the instructors, we selected them according to scientific and efficiency criteria. This would result in graduating generations full with science and knowledge and able to impose themselves in the society.” He confirmed that the support is to the students and instructors alike. He also wished the students all the best in the examinations.



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