To Promote the Scientific and Educational Level, Intensive Research Workshops for the Department of Law in DUC

Within the efforts of the Deanship of DUC to achieve the highest degree of scientific sobriety at the level of the teaching staff, and with the support and guidance from the dean Dr. Al-Hassan, the law department at the College continues the scientific lectures in order to exchange views of scientific expertise among its teaching staff, to develop the scientific potential as they are the members who have a great role in the preparation of the generations that contribute to community building.

The department of law in DUC has hold a scientific symposium entitled "The Inheritance of the Marriage" by Dr. Mohamed Rasheed Abbas an instructor in the department, the lecture included the importance of learning and educating the science of inheritances according to what has mentioned in the holy Qur'an, hadith, and jurisprudence, as well. He presented the definition to the audience and informed them how to fix an inheritance issues and clarify the topic with examples, to make them fully informed on a scientific and cognitive school of science that the department of law deals with.

In a related context, Asst. Lect. Marwan Mahmoud Salih an instructor in the department of law gave a lecture titled "The Limits of the Administrative Control Authorities, in the Exceptional Circumstance." The lecture dealt with the origin of the theory of administrative control in exceptional circumstances and its source, as well as the definition of the appropriate applications of the theory in the current circumstances at the local, regional and global scale.

The lectures were attended by the head of the law department in the college Dr. Juma Abdullah Fayadh, who expressed his happiness and pride with what his department includes of efficient and hardworking teaching staffs and with their perseverance and dedication.



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