The Ukrainian Doctor Irene Tcengov Arrived at Baghdad to Conduct Quality Operations as well as Give Specialized Scientific Cours

The deanery of DUC efforts continue in order to keep pace with the rapid scientific developments in the field of medicine, the dean of the college Dr. Al-Hassan paid great attention to the center for laser therapy resulted in the equipping it with the latest world medical devices of high quality besides the selection of competent doctors and specialists to administrate it properly.

After the growing number of patients in laser medicine center and to have various laser surgeries and in order to enhance the medical efficiency and provide better medical services, the deanery of DUC brought the Ukrainian doctor Irene Tcengov who is specialist in vascular laser treatment, she made a number of surgical laser operations for a large number of patients and presented medical lectures on a number of doctors and technicians dealt with a detailed explanation of the concept of the laser therapy, the medical applications, and the therapeutic benefits, as well as how to use laser in surgical operations to get tangible results. She did her lectures through the presentation of several documentaries for the different types of operations she conducted and describes how laser treatments results.

The director of the laser medicine center in DUC Dr. Adnan Abid Aoun during a lecture entitled "lasers in dermatology" clarified "There is an important and large role can be achieved by laser medicine in surgical treatments of skin." Noting that "The laser clinic in the DUC has various departments including: The treatment of skin diseases, the treatment of gynecological diseases, the treatment of arthritis, the plastic and ophthalmology surgery, the dental treatment, and general surgery, as well as the use of laser technology in the treatment of joint pain and some other conditions."

At the end of the lecture, the dean assistant Dr. Abdul Hassan Nssaif Jassim presented a graduation certificate for medical staffs in the laser medicine center of DUC and to the graduates of the previous batches as well. The participants and graduates of the course of the medical and scientific training workshop expressed their desire to join subsequent sessions for the benefit of the medical competencies the laser center in DUC comprised.



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