Training Workshop on Scientific Laboratory Equipment Held in DUC to Develop the Scientific Skills of the Teaching Staff.

The deanery of DUC represented by Dr. Al Hassan is keen to develop the skills of the teaching staffs through keeping pace with the latest methods in the different fields of science. This comes as part of the efforts exerted to develop the teaching system in order to build academic leaders who are capable of building a promising generation assists in developing the country.

Department of medical analysis techniques in DUC held a training workshop for the teaching staff of the department to present to them the imported up to date devices in their department. Hence, they are acquainted with how these developed devices and instrument work. After that, they would be able to convey this information to their students.

Eng.QaisAbdulAmeerfrom AlMudaeeAlElmi Companysaid “DUC is always willing to keep pace with the latest scientific advances. The college works continuously to developthe techniques and refine its educational system. A contract has made with our company to supply the labs of the college with the latest international devices that contribute in developing the scientific abilities of the students.”

He pointed out “This workshop included training and detailed explanations on how each device in blood lab, clinical chemistry lab, and biology and bacteriology lab works. The company has supplied developed devices such as Auto-analyzer, Semi-auto analyzer, and Auto Clave.” He confirmed that the company is making continuous visits to the college in order to set up the devices, and train the working staff on how to use and maintain them.”



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